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Social Media Marketing

With in-depth knowledge about leading social  media platforms, we know how to target your niche audience and convert them into potential customers. Over 3 billion active users on social media, which means a massive audience to aim for! With highly-engaging content, strategy, and gimmicks, we make that happen!

Search Engine Optimization

When we count on our digital superpowers, we count SEO twice! Being a responsible digital marketing service provider, we ensure that your website is always on top of search engines. When visitors find you promptly online, they’re unlikely to opt for your competitors. We’re updated with all the latest SEO trends to implement on your website.

Social Media Management

Our social media management service is about managing your social profile in a timely fashion. When it comes to content, we know how to publish, when to publish, and where to post. Besides, we continuously track your social media performance and progress of how you’re being seen, heard, and talked about.

Email Marketing

Brands & companies don’t prefer email marketing often, but it is one of the most effective marketing methods to generate potential leads. At Alexander Winfield, email marketing is our nuclei. Our digital marketing service provider manages email contacts, crafting a professional email, target readers, and be persuasive. As a result, your business will most-likely generate quality leads.

Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)

IIn today’s fast-forward digital world, business owners always look for better ways to boost sales and increase revenue. Our digital marketing agency services include PPC management as their certified speciality of running effective PPC campaigns. We enhance your ROAS by curtailing additional costs on irrelevant ad campaigns. Bidding and budget management are our strengths.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM & SEO are both keyword-based marketing tools but SEM slightly related to paid media marketing. By incorporating SEM in your marketing, you choose keywords related to your services and craft advertisement about them. To get your ads displayed in primly, we sensibly bid on the selected keywords to appear in front of the maximum users.

Our Marketing Funnel Process

Our digital marketing strategy revolves around advanced marketing funnels to convert a visitor into a potential customer. Ensuring that the visitor first discovers about your business, consider making an investment, acquire, and we close the deal with retention!

Top of Funnel

Captivate – The moment a visitor comes to your channel, we breakdown their journey with highly-engaging content, design, and user-friendly exposure. We ensure that they scroll down and learn more about your business!

Middle of Funnel

Build Connection – To nurture and nourish potential leads and connect them with you directly. We are always available to respond when they show interest and concern on your digital platform.

Bottom of Funnel

Conversion –After executing the best of our efforts, strategies, and futuristic techniques, you start generating ROI. How we do it better than any other digital marketing service provider? Our services retain the customers even when our work is long done.

Why Choose Alexander Winfield?

Drive Online Sales

Using different marketing techniques, strategies, and content – we convert leads into customers.

Enable Increased Traffic

When your campaigns are running smoothly, it instinctively increases virtual traffic.

Direct Interaction with Customers

Talk undeviatingly with your customers and pursue them to take part in your activities..

Cost-Effective Results

Our digital efficacy is integrated as the paramount of our digital marketing agency services.